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Uniquely positioned to apply multifaceted technical experience and organisational development skills to facilitate a high-performance culture for the provision of customer focused services in a financially sustainable environment.  


v  Management professional with outstanding experience building and leading multi-disciplinary teams for implementing and delivering on Corporate Strategic Goals. 

v  A business improvement consultant, athlete and sports administrator who believes a culture of excellence and success can only be achieved in organisations and teams when all individuals are valued, supported, empowered and connected.

v  Accomplished problem-solver whose unique mix of Financial, Information Technology and Management qualifications lends itself to developing and implementing business strategies that create high performance cultures to facilitate financially viable services.

v  Results-oriented achiever with excellent track record for identifying opportunities for business improvement and implementing effective solutions to deliver outcomes using advanced project management skills.

v  Strong leader with motivational management style and reputation for building and retaining highly motivated teams.


ü  Strategic Leadership

ü  Corporate Planning

ü  Project Management

ü  Organisational Culture Development

ü  Integrated Planning & Reporting

ü  Change Management

ü  Generational Equity

ü  Financial Management

ü  Risk Management

ü  Diversity & Inclusion

ü  Asset Management

ü  Customer Service

ü  Capacity and Capability Building

ü  Information Technology Management

ü  Procurement Management



Senior Management Consultant and Business Owner - Westra Enterprises                                   June 2008 to present

Provision of executive management services to facilitate a high-performance culture in the delivery of sustainable services and infrastructure. With a focus on “Integrated Planning and Reporting” and “Fit for the Future” my Strategic Planning, Cultural Change Management, Finance and Corporate System Implementation skills have seen a wide range of initiatives implemented across a range of local government authorities and for-profit organisations.

Highlights and achievements include:

·         Transitioning to a customer focused service delivery culture that embraces change and financial sustainability.

·         Financial sustainability Fit for the Future compliance

·         Development of fully aligned Integrated Planning and Reporting Frameworks encompassing: Strategic Planning and Community Engagement, Delivery Program, Asset Management Policy, Strategy & Plans, 10-year financial plans, workforce plans, operational plans and performance metrics

·         Establishment of Governance key performance indicators

·         Organisational restructures to facilitate improved accountabilities and service delivery

·         Capital Project evaluation and reporting systems

·         Business Improvement Process Mapping and Process Re-engineering

·         Risk Management Mitigation

·         Accounting Policy Development and

·         Fair Value Accounting

·         Sustainability Capacity and Capability Building

·         Councillor and Executive Training

·         Long Term Infrastructure Planning and Forecasting

·         Multi-Million Dollar savings to Annual Operating results

·         Implementation of Corporate Information Systems for Asset Management, Financial Management, Work Management, Customer Service

·         Corporate System integration

·         Data Cleansing and Migration to Corporate Systems

·         General Ledger restructures

·         Activity based costing for informed decision making based on the true cost of service provision

·         Revenue and Rates Modelling

·         Alignment of Strategic Plan and Delivery Programs to Resourcing Strategies and individual staff workplans

·         Cross Functional Team Building

·         Property and Land Use Management Compliance

Resume of Wesley Johnston

Director CFO CIO - Illawarra South Coast Hockey                                                                                  Oct 2014 to Dec 2017

In this voluntary role I have developed Governance procedures, Financial Systems, Membership Management Systems, Organisational Job Descriptions, Operational Policies to support the forced merger of 4 regional hockey associations into a single new organisation.  This work enabled the framework for bringing together of cultures from single gender groups and established a new high-performance culture that now manages a volunteer workforce of over 200 people providing services to 2000 playing members with an annual turnover exceeding half a million dollars. My focus has been to utilise my professional skills to develop a culture of high performance based on strategic planning, good governance and inclusion.

I am a representative hockey player at both Australian and NSW level having represented Australia in the winning over 45’s World Cup team in Europe. I have a proven record in the coaching arena of achieving great success from effective team building skills focusing on diversity and inclusion that has resulted in teams winning multiple National, State and Local championships and seen those I have mentored achieve their goals and be the best that they can be. My efforts have been recognised by the privilege of being made a life member of ISCH.

Asset Management Manager – Wollongong City Council                                                                      Oct 2004 to Jun 2008

Lead a cross functional team of Engineering, Finance, IT, Customer Service and Human Resource professionals to develop a culture of sustainable service delivery from council infrastructure. This has seen effective management of change of corporate plans, financial processes and work management systems for over 500 staff and the relevant union interactions to ensure a smooth transition. The framework I established to manage this transition was by clearly articulating the reason and importance for change then working collaboratively to implement the change. Working with staff at all levels of the organisation to mitigate the fear of change and acting transparently to achieve the corporate objectives.

Highlights and achievements include:

·         Financial Sustainability Assessment (Review Today)

·         Developing a culture that recognised the importance of change and sustainable service delivery

·         Implementation of an Asset Management Framework

·         Specification, Tender and Implementation of an Asset Management Information System (Hansen)

·         Implementation of Activity based costing for informed decision making based on the true cost of service provision

·         Capital Project evaluation and reporting systems

·         Introduction of Fair Value Accounting

·         Funding allocation Process

·         Establishment of a Corporate System staff training program

·         Risk Management process improvements

·         Sustainability Capacity and Capability Building

·         Councillor and Executive Training

·         Long Term Infrastructure Planning and Forecasting

·         Data Cleansing and Migration to Corporate Systems

·         Work Management and Job Costing System implementation to 500 operational staff

·         Disseminated Time and Attendance Management system implementation for 1050 staff

·         Championing Asset Management at International and Local public-sector conferences

·         Work with the State Government to formulate the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

·         WHS Process Improvements


Systems Accountant - Wollongong City Council                                                                                     May 2000 to Sep 2004

Lead a team to support Councils Financial Management Information system, processes and business units financial requirements via the effective implementation and support of the Technology One Financial Management System, the Pathway Land Information System and supporting systems and processes. Highlights and achievements include:

·         Team Capacity and Capability Building

·         Specification, Tender and Implementation of a Financial Management System (Technology One- Finance 1)

·         Specification, Tender and Implementation of a Revenue, Rating and Cash Receipting system (Pathway)

·         Implementation of disseminated procurement and goods receipting

·         Development of Project Reporting Systems

·         Budget Management processes

·         Implementation of electronic billing for Rates and AR

·         Implementation of web and phone payment solutions

·         Financial Modelling, forecasting and business analysis

·         Income analysis and rates modelling leading to the implementation of base charges

·         Preparation and delivery of staff training

·         Organisational report writing in Crystal and Excel


Resume of Wesley Johnston

E-Provement Team Leader Human Resources and Payroll – Wollongong City Council              Oct 2000 to Jun 2001

Lead a multidiscipline team of Human Resources professionals and consultants to process map council’s human resources processes for process re-engineering and system implementation. Process covered include Payroll, Recruitment, Learning and Development, Occupational Health and Safety, Leave Management.  

Corporate Systems Officer – Wollongong City Council                                                                         Apr 1994 to Apr 2000

Support of Councils Corporate Systems including Financial Management, Payroll and Human Resources, Land Information, Rates, Customer Service, Document Management, Applications and Licenses in a self-managed team environment. Highlights and achievements include:

·         Team Capacity and Capability Building

·         Introduction of end user computing (PC) and the decentralisation of Corporate system processing

·         Implementation and integration of the Human Resources and Payroll system (Aurion)

·         Creation and deployment of the Employee Leave Management Reporting System

·         Migration of corporate systems to an Oracle Database

·         Process re-engineering of Planning Systems

·         Preparation and delivery of staff training

·         Organisational report writing using Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, SQL and Excel

·         Introduction of Competency Based Remuneration

·          Customer Service Implementation

·         As the organisations leading business analyst lead process improvement teams from other business units

·         Australian Quality Award Winner


IT Infrastructure Migration Consultant - Macquarie Bank                                                                     Oct 1993 to Apr 1994

Support the implementation of Client Server based corporate systems via the rollout of High end personal computers and network infrastructure in a fast-past high-performance environment.

Steelmaking Slab Casters Project Supervisor – BHP Steel                                                                   Oct 1990 to Sep 1993

Responsible for the effective implementation of Steelmaking projects using cross functional teams with a heavy emphasis on process improvement, diversity, AS3901 Accreditation and Occupational Health and Safety. Highlights and achievements include:

·         Team Capacity and Capability Building

·         Introduction of end user computing (PC) and email

·         Development of Quality Control systems and KPI’s

·         Development of Standard Operating Procedures

·         Executive Management Information Systems

·         Weekend supervision of 200 operational staff


Computing Science Cadet - BHP Steel                                                                                                        Jan 1987 to Sep 1990

System design, development and implementation of corporate information and production control systems using the PL1 and C programming languages and the Pride project management Methodology.



Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) - Deakin University

Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science & Management) - University of Wollongong

Post Graduate Diploma of Business Administration - Deakin University / APESMA